Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Students can assist in research with current faculty and gain experience and course credit!

Gain valuable experience while also receiving course credit by working with our faculty on a variety of research projects. Many research opportunities are available in the Sanford School for undergraduate students, even if you are not one of our majors. Some of our qualifying courses are FAS 390 (supervised research experience), and FAS or SOC 499 (individualized instruction). Contact our active research faculty to explore options for engaging in undergraduate research.

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Centers and Initiatives

Coordinator of Undergraduate Student Engagement

Stacie Foster

Work with Research Faculty

The Children's Equity Project (CEP) Undergraduate Scholar Award

The Children's Equity Project Undergraduate Scholar Award is an opportunity for undergraduate students to receive a $2,000 stipend to assist with various projects within the Children's Equity Project (CEP) for a semester. This award is sponsored by the Sanford School and is designed to provide undergraduate majors/minors in the Sanford School with an opportunity to explore policy and research related to equity in early childhood (0-8 years of age). It is also a chance for students to work with faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students who are involved in the CEP. Undergraduate students with an interest in early childhood related policy and research and pursuing majors/minors in either Family and Human and Development or Sociology are eligible to apply. In addition to receiving financial support, scholars will assist with various projects of the CEP and receive mentoring and professional development in areas related to equity in early childhood.

For more information on the CEP, visit https://childandfamilysuccess.asu.edu/cep

Contact for more information or to apply:
Janniqua Dawkins