The Diversity and Inclusion Science Initiative (DISI) is a signature initiative of the School of Social and Family Dynamics. The goal of this initiative is to increase participation of undergraduate and graduate students from historically underrepresented or excluded groups in social science research by providing opportunities for them to:

  • Explore careers in social science research
  • Engage in research projects
  • Share their research findings
  • Receive support aimed at their specific needs as they prepare for their post-graduation careers


Summer Undergraduate Program for Engaging with Research (SUPER)

SUPER is a summer program that exposes undergraduate students from historically underrepresented or excluded groups to research in social sciences and careers in the field. As part of this experience fellows learn about research careers and the paths towards them and conduct a small research study to be presented at the end of the program. No research experience is required for this program.

DISI Undergraduate Research Fellowship

The DISI Undergraduate Fellowship provides financial support for SSFD majors from historically underrepresented or excluded groups to work on their own independent research project over the course of an academic year and with the support of a faculty mentor identified by the fellow.

Graduate Student Research Conference

The DISI Graduate Student Research Conference is a research conference hosted by and for graduate students to celebrate and share work across disciplines focused on individuals, families, and communities in our diverse world. The conference also supports the development of graduate students from diverse backgrounds and aims to raise societal consciousness through scholarship that affects how people feel, think about, and act regarding diversity and inclusion.