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Information for Students Interested in Research

The ECLIPSE Studies Lab often is in need of qualified and motivated undergraduate and graduate student Research Assistants.

Undergraduate Students

  • Involvement in the ECLIPSE Studies Lab will expose you to research topics involving children’s social and emotional development, give you a variety of research-related skills, and allow you to work closely with faculty members. Research experience is highly valuable if you are applying to graduate school.
  • Undergraduate Research Assistants may earn course credit (FAS390/FAS499) or work on a volunteer basis.
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Graduate Students

  • Motivated students who are interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in Family and Human Development, researching children's and adolescents' socio-emotional adjustment, and gaining advanced statistical training may be a good fit with the ECLIPSE Studies Lab. We are particularly focused on researching children's and adolescents' social competence, adjustment problems, and social withdrawal.
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