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Megan Costa
Assistant Professor

Costa is a social demographer who studies household dynamics and maternal and child health in low and middle-income countries. She specializes in longitudinal consequences of fertility and family change.

Cassandra Cotton
Asst Professor

Cassandra Cotton is a family demographer whose work primarily investigates the intersections between migration, family dynamics, and health in sub-Saharan Africa.

Janniqua Dawkins
Program Manager
Cowden 224H
Dawn DeLay
Assistant Professor

DeLay's research focus is on child and adolescent peer relationships. Key themes include how peer relationships impact child and adolescent adjustment and well-being.

Child Development Intern
Mary Doyle
Clinical Assistant Professor

Doyle is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Arizona and has had clinical experience in both agency and private practice settings.

Cowden Family Resources, Room 140A P.O. Box 873701
Steve Elliott
Payne Hall, Suite 308 K
Sarah Ericson
Manager, Academic Operations
951 Cady Mall