Sociology, PhD

Financial Support

The PhD in Sociology students in good standing are usually funded for 20 hours per week (.50 FTE) during the academic year as Teaching Assistants and/or Research Assistants. Funding is usually provided throughout the doctoral career, contingent upon students' adequate progress to degree completion and availability of funds. This full-time assistantship includes a stipend, full tuition coverage, and health insurance.

For more information on TAs and RAs, please see the ASU Graduate College TA/RA Handbook at

International students must pass the SPEAK Test to be eligible for Teaching Assistantships. Please see for more information.

Research Assistantships and Summer Teaching Fellowships provide additional support for some Sociology doctoral students over the summer.

Other Funding Opportunities

  • Summer Funding: Summer Research and teaching fellowships are available from the Sanford School.
  • Fellowships: Students can apply to ASU's Graduate College for Dissertation Completion Fellowships.
  • Travel Funds: Students can obtain travel funds from the Sanford School as well as various other university sources.

In addition to Sanford School fellowships and assistantships, there are various sources of financial aid through the University. Students should contact ASU's student financial aid office or visit for more information.