Romance and Dating in Later Life

The Romance and Dating in Later Life project explores views and experiences of dating, romance, and sex through interviews and focus group discussions with single and recently-partnered adults aged 55+ in Arizona.

Our study is focused on understanding what dating and romance looks like in this stage of life - for example, how older adults look for partners, what those dating experiences are like, what kinds of factors older adults consider when they enter into relationships, and why older adults might choose to remain single. Among those who are in romantic relationships that began later in life, we are interested in understanding how you found a partner, what kind of relationship and partner you were seeking, how you experience your relationship, etc.

Eligible participants are aged 55 or older, currently single (whether actively dating or not dating), or in a romantic relationship that began at age 55 or later. Participants must reside in Arizona. We are interested in interviewing people of any gender identity and any sexual orientation.

We are conducting one-on-one interviews as well as focus group discussions (group interviews) in the Phoenix metro area. Interviews will take between 1 and 2 hours, while group interviews will take about 2 hours. All participants will be given a gift card as a thank you.



Data collection will take place in Fall 2022 and Spring 2023.

If you are interested in participating in the study or would like more information, please contact Dr. Cotton & Dr. Iida at or 602-688-2223