Positive Environments for Adolescents and Children (PEAC)

The PEAC lab focuses on the role of contextual influences in children and adolescents’ development, both in terms of their well-being and psychopathology. We consider the multi-level interplay between family, school, and neighborhood environments. Specific areas of strength include the design of preventative interventions and school contexts. We specialize in research-practice partnerships which are defined as “long-term, mutually beneficial collaborations that promote the production and use of research”

Many children experience early adversity and trauma at some point in their life. A main focus of the PEAC lab is examination of trauma-informed family and school-based interventions for children who have experienced early adversity. Family and school-based interventions that address children's experiences of trauma can give caregivers and children the skills to thrive.

Key aspects the PEAC Lab focuses on:

  • Community/School Safety
  • Children’s success in school environments
  • Children’s health and wellbeing
  • Parent’s/Caregiver engagement

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Dr. Kit Elam

Dr. Chanler Hilley - Assistant Professor at Kennesaw State University

Hannah Berendzen - PhD Candidate at the University of Texas at Austin

Darcy Rinaldo

Hsiao Ya Chen

Cami Mcintire

Esynia Molina

Kiara Ortloff

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Sarah Lindstrom Johnson, PhD
(480) 965-9975

Sue Annie Rodriguez, PhD
(480) 884-0369

Office Location: Payne Hall, Room 308
Lab Location: Payne Hall, Room 309
Lab Email: peaclab@asu.edu

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