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Education in Child Life

Thank you for your interest in Child Life as a career choice.  We have made a number of recent changes to our Child Life offerings because The Child Life Council has announced that by 2022, new Child Life Specialists will be required to have a Masters Degree in order to become certified ( ).  Although certified Child Life Specialists with a Bachelor’s degree will still be allowed to retain their certification after this date, this new requirement caused us to look at how we can best serve students interested in building a career in Child Life.  We concluded that students would be best served by developing a Child Life specialization within our new online Family & Human Development Masters program (  As a result, we are no longer accepting students into our undergraduate Child Life Certificate program. This does not mean that undergraduates who want training in Child Life do not have options!

Child Life Practicum (PRM 384) is the only course that was previously required that will no longer be offered.  This means that you can still enroll in the remainder of the undergraduate courses that were designed to give students the knowledge needed to pass the Child Life National Exam and to make them competitive for post-Bachelor Child Life Internships in health care settings.  These courses are listed below.  Included in these is CDE 244 (Children Facing Health Challenges) as a course designed to make students aware of issues Child Life specialists face.

In addition, we are encouraging students to consider applying for our Masters program once they are close to or have already completed their Bachelors degree (  The combination of taking these undergraduate courses and earning a Masters with a specialization in Child Life should position students for a career in Child Life by preparing them for the national exam and making them competitive for Child Life internships.

Courses Still Offered

3 Credits -  CDE 244 Children Facing Health Care Challenges
3 Credits – CDE 337 Early Childhood Intervention
3 Credits – PRM 364 Foundations of Therapeutic Recreation
3 Credits – PRM 460 Assessment and Documentation in Recreation Therapy
3 Credits – PRM 406 Program Design and Administration in Recreation Therapy
3 Credits – CDE 450 Child Dysfunction in the Family
3 Credits – PRM 455 Play in Child Life