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Education in Child Life

We do not offer a program in Child Life,

but the School of Social and Family Dynamics and the Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions (Recreation Therapy Program) offer several undergraduate courses that provide you with the knowledge needed to pass the Child Life National Exam and to make you competitive for post-Bachelor Child Life Internships in health care settings. These courses include:

CDE 244 Children Facing Health Challenges.
(This class meets the requirement for a course taught by a Child Life Specialist and is a pre-requisite for PRM 455)

PRM 455 Recreational Therapy with Children (AKA Play in Child Life)
*Students who take CDE 244 and PRM 455 will learn about the 6 required content areas for Child Life across these two courses.

CDE 232 Human Development

SOC 353 Death and Dying

CDE 450 Child Dysfunction in the Family (Family Systems course)

PRM 364 Foundations of Therapeutic Recreation

If you are interested in a career in Child Life, we highly recommend that you major in Family and Human Development and minor (or double major)  in Recreation Therapy.

For more information about Child Life, please see: