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Support Staff

Program Manager
Diversity and Inclusion Science Initiative

Arlyn Y. Moreno Luna
Social Sciences Building 136

School Communications
The Connect Center Operations

John Keeney
Cowden Building 224E

Student Supervisor, Business Operations

Brenna Hansen
Social Sciences Building 144B


JoAnne Groot
Social Sciences Building 217

Academic Operations

Gere Clark
Social Sciences Building 140

Undergraduate Coordination

Nancy Landers
Social Sciences Building 144

Graduate Coordination

Bobette Makelele
Social Sciences Building 100G

Manager, Academic Operations and Assistant to the Director

Sarah Ericson
Social Sciences Building 132

Graduate Advisor

Ashley Bustamante

Graphic Design/Web Development

Shelley Linford
Social Sciences Building 100C

Assist. Director of Operations/Staff
Supervisor/State & Local Budgets

Jean Memberto
Social Sciences Building 221

Research Advancement Team


Program Manager, Diversity and Inclusion Science Initiative

Arlyn Y. Moreno Luna, 480-965-6856

  • DISI Graduate Research Conference planning
  • DISI Summer Externship coordinator
  • DISI Research-Focused Orientation coordinator
  • DISI Summer Undergraduate Research Program for Engaging with Research planning
  • DISI Website content
  • Travel/hotel/scheduling (DISI visitors and guests)


Student Supervisor, Business Operations

Brenna Hansen, 480-965-4263

  • Building problems/issues

You can submit a request using the following link: https://cfo.asu.edu/fdm-requests-for-service or contact Brenna.hansen@asu.edu, 965-4263. Be sure to include a detailed description of the problem/request and the exact location.

  • Business cards
  • Mileage reimbursement

In order to complete a mileage reimbursement claim you will need the following information:

  • Request for Mileage/Parking Reimbursement Form located at https://www.asu.edu/fs/forms/AP_Reimb_MileageParkingTaxi.pdf
  • Agency/Org - this is the account number funding the reimbursement
  • A Mapquest/Google map printout of your normal commute miles to ASU
  • A Mapquest/Google map printout for each trip listed
  • Business purpose for the trip

Things to remember when completing the form:

  • If you are traveling roundtrip from ASU to a site you need to log each leg of the trip (to/from). All mileage is reimbursable.
  • If you travel from home to a site or a site to home you must deduct the normal number of miles you travel to ASU.
  • Home to ASU is 10 miles - normal commute
  • Home to site is 12 miles - request is for 2 miles reimbursement for this leg of the trip
  • Office furniture, signage, and supplies

Please submit your requests for general office supplies to brenna.hansen@asu.edu. When submitting a request for supplies please provide the Staples Item number found at www.Staples.com. When requesting a toner cartridge replacement, please provide the printer brand, model, and cartridge number to ensure the correct cartridge is ordered. If your grant or project is placing a special order please provide the account number to be charged in your request.

  • Property control

All electronic items received in SS 144 will be tagged automatically before delivery to end user. An off-campus use form will be generated for any portable electronic item (iPad, laptops, tablets, etc). Many grants and projects have the ability to order on their own so please be sure contact Brenna Hansen to start the inventory/tagging process.
For non-capital equipment (under $5,000 for a single item) received directly by end user or not currently tagged that can be easily lost or stolen (cell phones, laptops, cameras, etc.) please complete an off-campus use form http://www.asu.edu/purchasing/forms/temp_off_campus_loan.pdf and submit with a copy of the receipt to Brenna Hansen in Social Sciences #144.

  • Surplus

ASU property such as: computers, laptops, monitors, furniture and miscellaneous items that are no longer needed should be sent to Surplus Property. Please provide a brief description including: brand, model, and condition of the item to be disposed. Please include the building and office number where the item is to be picked up. If your item(s) has an ASU Property Control tag, you must provide this number in your request, or the item will not be picked up by Surplus Property. If purchased with grant/sponsored funding please note the account number. All Surplus Property disposal requests should be submitted to: Brenna.hansen@asu.edu. Items should remain in their current location and tagged as salvage for pick up.

  • Space survey
  • Student supervisor
  • Recycling

Information for ASU Blue Bin Recycling can be found at: https://cfo.asu.edu/fdm-recycling-at-asu.
To request pick up service for your small blue recycling bin in your personal office, please complete a service request online at: http://webtma.asu.edu/ASUServiceRequest.

Academic Operations and Events

Gere Clark, 480-965-3735

  • Course scheduling
  • Classroom change requests
  • Course evaluations
  • Event planning
  • Key Request
    To complete a key request, please complete the Key Request form. Once you complete the form, please either email it to Gere Clark at Gere.Clark@asu.edu or bring it to the front office, Social Sciences 144.
  • Office move coordination
  • Teaching requests
  • Conference room/University classroom reservations
  • Telephones and voicemail

Graduate Coordination

Bobette Makelele (FHD), Graduate Coordinator, 480-965-3932

Master's programs:

  • Online Graduate Programs Recruitment
  • Graduate application process Graduate College liaison
  • Graduate course overrides
  • Graduate program support
  • Graduate registration issues
  • Graduate roster grades
  • Graduate student accomplishments
  • iPOS
  • Maintaining Continuous Enrollment
  • Academic Record Changes
  • Academic probation and dismissals
  • Online Graduate Programs Community Management

PhD programs:

  • PhD program support
  • Comps
  • Defenses
  • Graduate application process
  • Graduate College liaison
  • Graduate course overrides
  • Graduate registration issues
  • Graduate roster grades
  • Graduate tuition remission posting
  • iPOS
  • Pass/fail forms (graduate)
  • Tuition remission processing

Assist. Director of Operations/Staff Supervisor/State and Local Budgets

Jean Memberto, 480-965-7542

  • Business Meals Form
  • Budgeting
  • Financial processing, reporting, and reconciliation for accounts beginning with RW1, RW5 or RW9
  • Payroll reconciliations for all accounts (state, local (includes CDL), and sponsored)
  • P-cards – all accounts (state, local, and sponsored)
  • Requests for Reimbursement Form
  • Scholarship award payments
  • Staff supervisor
  • Summer pay initial set up
  • Supplemental pay initial requests


JoAnne Groot, 480-965-0003

School Communications

John Keeney, 480-965-3094

  • Article composition
  • Media relations
  • Content dissemination
  • Press releases
  • School news and event promotion

The Connect Center Operations

John Keeney, 480-965-3094

The Connect Center (TCC) is the school's online recharge center for e-commerce. TCC provides a platform for retail sales of products created under Project Connect (targeting the K-12 market) as well as conference registrations and published works.

  • Sales and order fulfillment
  • Product creation and development
  • Faculty publishing services
  • Conference registrations
  • Vendor relationships
  • Intellectual property and copyright management
  • Business consulting

Undergraduate Coordination

Nancy Landers, 480-965-6875

  • Undergraduate Advising

Walk-In Hours (on campus students):
Tuesday: 9:30am – 12pm, 1-4pm
Friday: 9:30am – 12pm, 1-3pm

Appointments (schedule through email):
Lois Goldblatt, Lois.Goldblatt@asu.edu
Mondays from 9:30am-12pm, 1-4pm
Wednesdays from 9:30am-12pm, 1-4pm

Denise Barnard, Denise.Barnard@asu.edu
Mondays from 9:30am-12pm, 1-4pm
Wednesdays from 9:30am-12pm, 1-4pm
Thursdays from 9:30am-12pm, 1-4pm

Appointment Hours (online students) with Lisa, Wes, and Kelly
In myASU (my.asu.edu), click the advising link to make an appointment with an advisor. If you have a quick question, email Lisa at lisa.barth@asu.edu

  • Graduate Advising

Ashley Bustamante is available by email for graduate students.
Prospective students: graduatesanford@asu.edu
Current students: graduateadvisingsanford@asu.edu

  • Classroom facility issues
  • Conference room/University classroom reservations
  • Final exam classrooms

Each semester all instructors will be asked if they will be using their assigned final exam rooms. This request comes from Rooms, as they re-assign all unused rooms that week. Please respond to requests in a timely manner. Applicable only to in-person courses.

  • Keys (classroom zone)

Zone keys are available at the front desk and issued to instructors upon request. These keys unlock media cabinets in classrooms.

Keys (office and building) are picked up at the front desk once you've received an email that they are ready.

  • Mail/FedEx

All off campus mail must be in an envelope with a bar code or have a stamp. Mail is picked up at 8:40 each weekday morning.

Our Address for truck deliveries:

Arizona State University
T. Denny Sanford School of Social and Family Dynamics
951 S Cady Mall, SS144
Tempe, AZ 85287-3701

  • Make-up exams
  • Parking validation

Parking validations are available upon request through the front desk. For large quantities, of 20 or more validations, advance notice is required. Stamps are for guests only.

  • Syllabi requests
  • Textbooks

Each instructor is sent an email requesting textbook orders. Included in the email is the form the book store requires and information from the last time the instructor taught the class (in case that is helpful). Upon receipt of the text book order, the instructor will be asked if s/he needs a desk copy. Desk copies are ordered directly from publishers after text book orders have been submitted to the bookstore.

Manager, Academic Operations and Assistant to the Director

Sarah Ericson, 480-965-4233

  • Academic Operations
  • Administrative support for Director
  • Academic personnel actions
  • Faculty meeting minutes
  • Personnel Committee administrative support
  • Travel/hotel/scheduling (visitors and guests)
  • Run reports for student emails, etc.
  • Request conference lines
  • PhD program support
  • Scholarships
  • Student Supervisor

Graphic Design/Web Development

Shelley Linford

  • News Blast
  • Graphic design for flyers, brochures, special events, etc.
  • Social media
  • Website development and updates
  • ASU branding standards
  • iSearch directory admin.

Student Employees

  • Copy and scanning requests

If there are copy and scanning requests that you would like completed by the student workers, please fill out a copy request form and attach it to the material you would like copied or scanned. (exams, worksheets, book pages, documents, etc.) and place it in the work baskets located in SS 144, Cowden 118, or Payne 308. All requests must be given a minimum 48 hours in advance.

Things to include on the copy request form:

  • Duplex - yes or no Alternate Test forms A and B?
  • Stapled - yes or no 2 different colors for forms A and B?
  • Colored paper? Insert Scantron Answer Sheets?
  • Specific colors? Number Tests and Answer Sheets?

Any other instructions:

You can also send an email with all of the same information to the student workers at: TDSSSFDStudentWorkers@gmail.com

  • Mail delivery/mailbox maintenance