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Business Operations

Business Operations

Brenna Hansen, Business Operations Manager

  • Payments, reimbursements, and purchases on ASU and ASU Foundation accounts
  • Management of department property control and surplus/salvage requests
  • Manage space survey
  • Facilities building liaison
  • Graduate funding
  • Financial oversight ASU and ASU Foundation accounts
  • Payroll oversight
  • Pcard manager

Business Operations Specialist

  • Purchase supplies, services and equipment
  • Process reimbursements, subject pays
  • Process invoices
  • Management of department property control and surplus/salvage requests
  • Travel claims


Sue Tabor, Department HR Specialist

Marketing and Communications

Marketing and Communications

Shelley Linford, Marketing and Communications Manager

  • Website development and maintenance
  • iSearch directory administrator
  • Graphic design for flyers, brochures, special events, etc.
  • Social media
  • ASU branding standards
  • Newsletters
  • Video production
  • Podcast production

Communications Specialist

  • Article composition
  • Media relations
  • Content dissemination
  • Press releases
  • School news and event promotion
  • Faculty publishing services
  • Vendor relationships

Academic Operations

Academic Operations

Sarah Ericson, Manager

  • Academic personnel actions
  • Graduate programs support
  • Course scheduling
  • Course evaluations
  • Student worker supervisor

Academic Operations Assistant

  • Administrative support for director and academic operations
  • Travel/hotel/scheduling (visitors and guests)
  • Scholarship applications
  • Faculty searches
  • Faculty meeting minutes

Academic Support

Gere Clark, Coordinator

  • Classroom change requests
  • Conference room/University classroom reservations
  • Event planning
  • Key Request
    To complete a key request, please complete the Key Request form. Once you complete the form, please either email it to Gere Clark at Gere.Clark@asu.edu or bring it to the front office, Social Sciences 144.
  • Office move coordination
  • Telephones and voicemail
  • Recycling
    Information for ASU Blue Bin Recycling can be found at: https://cfo.asu.edu/fdm-recycling-at-asu.
    To request pick up service for your small blue recycling bin in your personal office, please complete a service request online at: http://webtma.asu.edu/ASUServiceRequest.
  • Shredding
  • Undergraduate Scholarships

Undergraduate Coordination

Nancy Landers, Coordinator

  • Classroom facility issues
  • Conference room/University classroom reservations
  • Final exam classrooms
  • Keys (classroom zone)
  • Mail/FedEx
    Mail is picked up at 8:40 each weekday morning
  • Make-up exams
  • Parking validation
    Advance notice is required for large quantites of 20 or more. Stamps are for guests only.
  • Syllabi requests
  • Textbooks
  • Undergraduate course overrides (https://thesanfordschool.asu.edu/sites/default/files/undergraduate-cours...)
  • Undergraduate registration issues
  • Undergraduate roster grades

Graduate Coordination

Ashley Bustamante, Graduate Coordinator

Master's programs:

  • Online Graduate Programs Recruitment
  • Graduate application process Graduate College liaison
  • Graduate course overrides
  • Graduate program support
  • Graduate registration issues
  • Graduate roster grades
  • Graduate student accomplishments
  • iPOS
  • Maintaining Continuous Enrollment
  • Academic Record Changes
  • Academic probation and dismissals
  • Online Graduate Programs Community Management

Sarah Ericson, Manager

PhD programs:

  • PhD program support
  • Comps
  • Defenses
  • Graduate application process
  • Graduate College liaison
  • Graduate course overrides
  • Graduate registration issues
  • Graduate roster grades
  • Graduate tuition remission posting
  • iPOS
  • Pass/fail forms (graduate)
  • Tuition remission processing

Research Advancement

Research Advancement

The research advancement office at the T. Denny Sanford School of Social and Family Dynamics promotes and coordinates research activities across the enterprise and provides services to support faculty efforts to advance research.

For questions related to proposal submissions and/or managing your awarded funds, see our contact information below:

Email: sanford.ra@asu.edu
Phone: (480) 965-6326

Undergraduate Advising

Undergraduate Advising

Lisa Barth – Academic Success Coordinator
Social Sciences Building 100E

Kelli Ramirez – Academic Success Coordinator
Social Sciences Building 100F

Denise Barnard – Academic Success Specialist
Social Sciences Building 100D

Jenna Figaro - Academic Success Specialist
Social Sciences Building 100G

Jennifer Nelson - Academic Success Specialist
Social Sciences Building 100F
480 965 7864

Students can schedule advising appointments from MyASU by clicking on the Academic Advising tab.

If you have questions, call 480-965-6978

Student Employees

Student Employees

  • Copy and scanning requests

If there are copy and scanning requests that you would like completed by the student workers, please fill out a copy request form and attach it to the material you would like copied or scanned. (exams, worksheets, book pages, documents, etc.) and place it in the work baskets located in SS 144, Cowden 118, or Payne 308. All requests must be given a minimum 48 hours in advance.

Things to include on the copy request form:

  • Duplex - yes or no Alternate Test forms A and B?
  • Stapled - yes or no 2 different colors for forms A and B?
  • Colored paper? Insert Scantron Answer Sheets?
  • Specific colors? Number Tests and Answer Sheets?

Any other instructions:

You can also send an email with all of the same information to the student workers at: TDSSSFDStudentWorkers@gmail.com

  • Mail delivery/mailbox maintenance