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Graduate Student Perspective

2016 Reflections

Alexia Coleman

Reflection on this 18-month experience in the MFT program is such a rewarding experience as I am able to think back to the first class and my little understanding of what being a marriage and family therapist truly means. As I began the application process for graduate programs, I remember feeling like the Marriage and Family Therapy program at ASU was the best fit as the systemic approach echoed my own thought process about how relationships work.

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Courtney Brenner

Although the Marriage and Family Therapy program is a challenging and time-consuming 18
months, I would do it 10 more times because of how rewarding the experience has been!

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2015 Reflections

Desiree Barnett

Being accepted into and going through this program for the last 18 months has completely changed my life. While I was ready for it to be a challenging experience, nothing could have prepared me for how rewarding and fulfilling it would be.

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S Montano

Having spent the past seven years working in sports public relations, I had no idea what to expect when I decided to change career paths and move to Arizona from California to enroll in Arizona State University's Marriage and Family Therapy master's program.

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Tiffany Moser

Deciding which Master's Program will fit what an individual desires to fulfill their future goals and aspirations is not an easy process. Amidst numerous choices available for graduate programs in the mental health field, it is necessary for an individual to intensively research what each Master's program has to offer.

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Brianna Valencia

I never thought that I would be returning to school for a graduate degree, but I know that in order to go further in my career I needed to pursue a master's degree. I considered the Marriage and Family Therapy Program because I am very interested in helping people with their concerns.

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