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Providing resources to teachers, school administrators, students, families, and policy-makers which integrate the voices of each group.

Starting School Successfully Listserv

The S3 Listserv provides ongoing and up-to-date information for kindergarten teachers, families of kindergartners, school administrators, and interested community members. To be added to the S3 listserv, e-mail with the word "subscribe" in the subject line.

Kindergarten Project Facebook Page

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Popular Press Publications

We write monthly articles for Raising Arizona Kids Magazine. Check out our articles here.

Kindergarten Project Partnership Team

Fourteen Arizona kindergarten teachers comprise our Kindergarten Project Partnership Team for the 2013-14 school year. The team meets three times a year to exchange ideas that bridge theory and practice.

The Voices of Arizona Kindergarten Teachers Survey

In spring of 2013, 911 Arizona kindergarten teachers responded to a survey assessing their professional learning needs and experiences as kindergarten teachers. A technical report synthesizing the results from this survey will be available soon.

Kindergarten Project Outreach

The Kindergarten Project enjoys connecting with the community. We present a variety of professional learning modules to preschool and kindergarten teachers. We also can tailor modules to meet the needs of schools. For more information on our professional learning modules, e-mail us at

Principal Investigator: Dr. Mary Anne Duggan