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Transition to Teaching (T3)

T3 has a large focus on teachers – who they are, how they develop, who they become, how they can be most effective. By following teachers throughout their teacher-training program and their transition into the classroom, we aim to highlight the characteristics of highly effective teachers. This will allow us to best support and prepare teachers in their own development as they transition out of college into the profession.

Classroom Competence Composition (C3)

C3 is couched in the influence of classrooms and peers. Research includes how an accumulation of assets or risks in a given classroom can influence individual-level well-being and performance, what a teacher's role may be within a classroom with a specific aggregation of children, and the influence of a classroom environment for children new to school. Through C3, we aim to provide resources that support teachers to successfully instruct mainstream classrooms of diverse learning.

Starting School Successfully (S3)

Our team is working to assist Kindergarten children, educators, and families in understanding what is necessary to start school successfully. S3 considers the role of parents, families, and home socialization during the transition to school. S3 extends and applies our work in meaningful ways that serve students, teacher and families.