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Drs. Tracy Spinrad and Nancy Eisenberg at ASU are starting a new research project to understand children's sympathy toward people who are similar and different than themselves. This will help us understand how children behave kindly towards others.
Do you know a child who would like to help with research?
  • Children in Kindergarten through 2nd grade and their parents are welcome to participate in this research opportunity. Children and a parent will watch some films and respond to questionnaires.
  • Study will be held at Arizona State University Tempe Campus; the visit will last about 1.5 hours.
  • Contact us to schedule a time that works best for you!

Participants will be compensated up to $50 for their time!

Participation is voluntary.

For more information, contact Dr. Spinrad at 480.727.7925

Thank you so much for your interest in Project KID (Kindness in Development). Due to overwhelming interest from the community, we are thrilled to announce that we have completed registration at this time.


Diana Gal

Diana Gal is one of the graduate students that will be working on ASU's Project K.I.D. (Kindness in Development). Diana got her Bachelor's degree in Neuroscience from the College of William and Mary in Virginia. Following her undergraduate career, she worked as a research assistant at Yale University. While at Yale, Diana studied in the Child Study Center and in the Center for Emotion Intelligence. In the Child Study Center, she looked at neural responses in children. In the Center for Emotion Intelligence, she studied emotions in children. She is currently in her third year of her graduate program at Arizona State University. At Arizona State, she explores the emotional development in early childhood in the context of teachers, parents, and peers. She also studies how children understand their own emotions, the prosocial behavior of children, and the prosocial behavior of people of many different races. In her free time, Diana enjoys hiking, camping, live music, being with friends, and visiting the ocean or other bodies of water.

Tracy Spinrad

Tracy Spinrad's research interests focus on emotion-related regulation in young children. She is particularly interested in studying toddlers' emotions and regulation (i.e., effortful control) and the relations of young children's emotionality and regulation to later social-emotional competence and maladjustment. She also focuses on parenting in her work, and is particularly interested in understanding the role that parents play in teaching their young children how to deal with emotions. Spinrad also has interests in children's moral development (i.e., empathy, prosocial behaviors), physiological markers of reactivity and regulation, and bidirectional relations between children's temperament and parenting. She is also involved in a project designed to examine the role of socio-emotional factors on a school-readiness intervention for low-income preschoolers.

Sonya Xinyue Xiao

Sonya Xinyue Xiao is excited to be part of ASU's Project K.I.D. (This is her first year as a graduate student at ASU pursuing her Ph.D. She was born and raised in China, and completed her Bachelor's degree in China. She then became an elementary school teacher in Shanghai. She was drawn to research, however, and after two years of teaching, she decided to leave her home country and earned a Masters degree at Syracuse University. She is now ready to learn more about children's positive behaviors at Arizona State University through her work on Project K.I.D. Aside from her work, Sonya greatly enjoys spending time with friends, playing piano, painting and swimming.