Sexism Starts in Childhood | Slate | November 6, 2017

Article cites Professor Carol Lynn Martin. “Boys and girls have different biological experiences prenatally, and different biological and social experiences from the time they are born, and these influences interact with one another, so disentangling them is difficult,” Read full article.


How to Raise a Feminist Son | The New York Times | June 1, 2017

Article cites Director Richard Fabes. “The more obvious it is that gender is being used to categorize groups or activities, the more likely it is that gender stereotypes and bias are reinforced,” Read full article.


Boys Will Be Boys, But They Can Be Feminists, Too | NPR On Point | June 07, 2017

Station invites Professor Christia Brown. Author of, “Parenting Beyond Pink and Blue: how to Raise Your Kids Free of Gender Stereotypes.” Listen to the Program.