Diversity and Inclusion Science Initiative

Building the DISI

Learn about how we are building the DISI.DISI Gears

  • Meetings with renowned experts in Diversity and Inclusion Science
    • September 2016
      • Kristina Olson, University of Washington
    • November 2016
      • Richard Lerner, Tufts University
      • Jackie Lerner, Boston College
      • Jaana Juvonen, University of California, Los Angeles
      • Andrew Fuligni, University of California, Los Angeles
    • February 2017
      • Cynthia Garcia Coll, Carlos Albizu University
      • Christia Spears Brown, University of Kentucky
    • March 2017
      • May Ling Halim, Long Beach State University
      • Onnie Rogers, Northwestern University
  • Training and community collaboration
    • September 2016
      • Kids at Hope Training
  • Planning underway
    • Listening to the needs of community-based professionals regarding solutions
    • Generating solutions for building an inclusive climate and mechanisms for disseminating solutions
    • Developing plans to infuse Diversity and Inclusion Science activities and principles in undergraduate and graduate education
    • Building a summer research program for underrepresented undergraduate students that brings students together with faculty
    • Creating a graduate student research conference related to Diversity and Inclusion Science
    • Constructing a postdoctoral training program in Diversity and Inclusion Science
    • Making connections with Diversity and Inclusion Science experts at ASU and beyond and cultivating momentum to create a DISI Consortium

Get Involved

We welcome involvement from all who are interested in supporting the well-being of children, youth, and families, especially those who are disadvantaged or oppressed. This includes:

  • supporters
  • community members
  • professionals
  • scholars at all levels from students to experts

If you are interested in supporting and becoming involved in this new and important initiative, please register below. By registering, you join a group of professionals who are interested in the work of the DISI, in joining the DISI collaborative, and who want more information as this initiative moves forward. We will not share any information with anyone outside of our DISI team. To register please provide the following information:

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