Data in the Desert Training Workshop

Data in the Desert Training Workshop

Who should attend?

  • Graduate students
  • Postdoctoral scholars
  • Research faculty
  • Research scientists
  • Graduate research assistants
  • Market research analysts
  • Corporate researchers
  • Consumer insights specialists

Anyone with an interest and/or need to understand the cause and consequence of social interactions and social group dynamics. No particular substantive interest required to participate.

Workshop Objectives

  • Brief history of the recent developments in longitudinal social network analysis
  • Brief history of the recent developments in the SIENA statistical program
  • Basic understanding of the R statistical package and RSiena
  • Ability to ask and test a longitudinal social network research question
  • Planning, collecting, and analyzing longitudinal social network data

Participants will leave with the ability to form a research question, design and execute a study, and successfully analyze longitudinal social network data.

This workshop is designed with personal consulting in mind. Groups are small to allow time for personal project planning and analyses – possible to leave with a new study design or results section!