The Sanford School Invited Job Talk - Rocío R. García

Assistant Professor in Sociology Candidate

Latinx Feminist Politicmaking: Collective Action on the Margins

This talk explores the role of intersectional feminist activism in catalyzing social change and redefining the role of difference in mobilization efforts. It takes up the question: how do marginalized social movement actors use intersectional activism to negotiate difference in organized collective action? This talk introduces the concept of Latinx feminist "politicmaking," a lens for examining collective action on the margins, to capture a condition in which marginalized communities create imaginaries for seeing and being in the world that focus on intersecting oppressions rendered invisible in non-intersectional politics and discourses, motivated by the need to create messy theories of social life central to affirming their subjectivities, love, knowledge, pain, and joy. To illustrate this lens, this talk presents a case study of a Latinx feminist social movement organization engaged in intersectional activisms in the movement for reproductive justice in California. García finds that organized action based on difference not only creates political change, but Latinx feminists also use relational meaning-making processes to birth epistemologies that provide fluid understandings of individual and collective identities.


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Friday, December 7, 2018
SS 204