The Sanford School Discussion Hour

The Sanford School Discussion Hour Presents:

Suniya Luthar

Suniya Luthar, Ph.D.
ASU Department of Psychology


Doing for the greater good: What price, in academe?

In my Perspectives on Psychologist Science paper (2017), I discuss how merit is commonly judged in academia and the need to broaden the basis for merit. I argue for increased recognition of faculty’s commitment to intrinsic values – focused on community and relationships – and not just extrinsic ones that connote personal fame or status.  I will review the points of this paper by summarizing evidence of disillusionment among today’s promising young scholars. I will illustrate how commitment to intrinsic goals in everyday professional responsibilities (such as peer reviews or teaching) can come at a cost to personal success and suggest ways of providing appropriate recognition in faculty evaluations.  At the macro-level, I will describe how positive work communities can enhance productivity, foster resilience and mitigate burnout in the competitive world of contemporary academe.  General discussion of these issues will be solicited.

Friday, September 21, 2018
SS 204