Diversity and Inclusion Science Initiative Graduate Research Conference

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The mission of the Diversity and Inclusion Science Initiative Graduate Research Conference is to celebrate and share work across disciplines that explore the lives, experiences and well-being of individuals, families and communities in our diverse world. Additionally, we aim to support graduate students from diverse backgrounds in developing all aspects of their social identities and raising societal consciousness through scholarship which affects how people feel, think about and act in regard to diversity and inclusion.

Conference Goals
  • To promote interdisciplinary research that spans different sources of knowledge, methodologies, theoretical frameworks and presentation formats
  • To incorporate a variety of different aspects of diversity, including but not limited to: race/ethnicity, gender, family structure, sexuality, income, religion, disabilities, language and politics across contexts and across the lifespan
  • To address the intersection between research and action in the form of practice, policy and social justice
  • To help bridge gaps between scholars of different disciplines through an engaging, interactive and fun event
  • To support graduate students across various aspects of their graduate school experiences (e.g. as a mentee, instructor, researcher), particularly with regard to diversity and inclusion
  • To share and build skills and knowledge among the graduate student community
T. Denny School of Social and Family Dynamics
Feb 1 2018 - 12:00pm
Memorial Union, Tempe campus
Tempe campus