Connor Sheehan

Asst Professor
TEMPE Campus
Asst Professor
TEMPE Campus


Connor Sheehan is an Assistant Professor in the T. Denny Sanford School of Social and Family Dynamics and member of the Measurement and Statistical Analysis group (MASA). He recieved his Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Texas at Austin in 2017 and then was a NIA post-doctoral fellow at the School of Gerontology at the University of Southern California. He is a health sociologist and social demographer who is interested in quantitative methods and the social determinants of health, especially among older adults. Connor is particularly concerned with sleep and how sleep can reproduce social and health inequality.  

Connor has published almost twenty journal articles in journals such as Sleep, Addiction, Social Science and Medicine, and the Journal of Gerontology: Series B.  His work has been featured in outlets such as The New York Times, Forbes, Science News, The Smithsonian Magazine, and has appeared on Horizon PBS and Arizona NPR. His work has also been supported by sources such as The Global Sports Institute, The National Institute of Aging and The National Institute of Child Health and Development.


Ph.D. Sociology, The University of Texas-Austin

M.A. Geography, The University of Colorado at Boulder

B.A. Geography, The University of Colorado at Boulder

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Research Interests

Quantitative Methods, Demography, Medical Sociology, Social Inequality in Health, and Gerontology


Refereed Publications

Sheehan, C. Domingue, B., Crimmins, E. (Forthcoming). How Increasing Gender Egalitarianism in Household Labor Complicates Estimates of Disability. Journal of Aging and Health.

Sheehan, C., Montez, J., & Sasson, I. (2018). Does the Functional Form of the Association Between Education and Mortality Differ by US Region?. Biodemography and Social Biology64(1), 63-81.

Sheehan, C., Powers, D., Margerison-Zilko, C., McDevitt, T., & Cubbin, C. (2018). Historical neighborhood poverty trajectories and child sleep. Sleep Health4(2), 127-134.

Sheehan, C., Cantu, P., Powers, D., Margerison-Zilko, C., & Cubbin, C. (2017). “Long Term Neighborhood Trajectories and Obesity. Health and Place. 46(1), 49-57.

Yahirun, J., Sheehan, C., & Hayward, M. (2017). “Children’s Education, Migration and Parents Mortality in Mexico.” Social Science and Medicine. 181(1), 93-101.

Sheehan, C., & Tucker-Drob, E. (2017). “Gendered Expectations Distort Male-Female Differences in Instrumental Activities of Daily Living in Later Adulthood.” Journal of Gerontology, Series B: Social Sciences. 1-9, forthcoming in print.

Yahirun, J., Sheehan, C., & Hayward, M. (2016). Adult Children’s Education and Parents’ Functional Limitations in Mexico. Research on Aging, 38(3), 322-345.

Sheehan, C., Rogers, R., & Boardman, J. (2015). Postmortem presence of drugs and method of violent suicide. Journal of Drug Issues,45(3), 249-262.

Sheehan, C., Hummer, R., Moore, B., Huyser, K., & Butler, J. (2015). Duty, honor, country, disparity: race/ethnic differences in health and disability among male veterans. Population Research and Policy Review34(6), 785-804. Lead article.

Friedman, E.*, Montez, J.*, Sheehan, C.*, Guenewald, T. L., & Seeman, T. E. (2015). Childhood Adversities and Adult Cardiometabolic Health Does the Quantity, Timing, and Type of Adversity Matter?. Journal of Aging and Health27(8), 1311-1338. Lead article.

*Co-First Authors indicating equal contribution.

Sheehan, C., Rogers, R., Williams, G., & Boardman, J. (2013). Gender differences in the presence of drugs in violent deaths. Addiction, 108(3), 547-555.

Sheehan, C.,* & Riosmena, F.* (2013). Migration, business formation, and the informal economy in urban Mexico. Social Science Research42(4), 1092-1108.

*Co-First Authors indicating equal contribution.


Book Chapters

Hayward, M., & Sheehan, C. (2016). Does the Body Forget? Adult Health, Life Course Dynamics, and Social Change. In Handbook of the Life Course Volume II, edited by M. Mortimer, J. Kirpatrick, and M. Johnson, (pp. 355-368). Springer International Publishing.

Hummer, R., Melvin, J., Sheehan, C., and Wang, Y. (2014). “Race/Ethnicity, Mortality and Longevity.” Chapter 9 (pp. 131-151) in the Handbook of Minority Aging, edited by K.E. Whitfield and T.A. Baker. NY: Springer Publishers.


Other Publications

Sheehan, C. “Duty, Honor, Country, Disparity: Race/Ethnic Differences in Health Among Veterans.” University of Texas at Austin Sociology blog.


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