Community Partners

Kids at Hope: We are continually working with Kids at Hope to help them identify ways to improve and expand their data collection efforts, including the creation of a survey to be administered to current adoptees with the goal of creating a Hope Database Survey that all incoming adopters would complete. The Hope Database Survey will provide new adopters with information regarding their current school culture, and how they compare to other organizations.

Saddle Mountain Unified School District:Working with the superintendent and data administrator to support data collection that helps illustrate changes that have occurred since adopting Kids at Hope.

Technical Reports

  • Bryce, C. I., Alexander, B. L., & Fraser, A. M. (July, 2020). Saddle Mountain Unified School District: Spring 2020 student hope, educator attitudes, and school culture
  • Fraser, A. M., Bryce, C. I., & Alexander, B. L. (August, 2019). Saddle Mountain Unified School District (2018-2019): Hope, psychological well-being, and academic achievement.
  • Bryce, C. I., Abry, T., Sechler, C., Alexander, B. (December, 2018). Spring 2018 hope data report for Saddle Mountain Unified School District.
  • The Hope Team (April, 2018). The Hope Project Report Prepared for Saddle Mountain Unified School District. 

Center-based Outreach

  • Presentation “Hope and Resilience” in ASU graduate course: Child Development 534: Risk & Resilience in Children

Translational Grants

  • Bryce, C. I. (Co-PI) & Foster, S (Co-PI). Teaching hope to first-year college students using inclusive pedagogy. Proposal submitted to ASU Faculty Fund for Inclusive Pedagogy; $5,000 in total costs; 08/01/2020-02/28/2021; not funded
  • Abry, T. (PI), Bryce, C. I. (Co-PI), Foster, S. (Co-I), & Sechler, C. (Co-I). ASU PREPARES: Promoting relationships, engagement, persistence, and agency for retention, excellence, and success. Proposal submitted to ASU Women & Philanthropy; $72,498 in total costs; 08/01/2018 – 07/31/2019; not funded

Community Presentations

  • Bryce, C. I., Miller, R., & Tighe, P. (2020, March). The power of why. Presentation at the Arizona State University (ASU) Social Embeddedness Network Conference, Tempe, Arizona.
  • Larsen, W. & Bryce, C. I. (2019, December). Creating a culture of hope: Believing, connecting, time traveling. Presentation at the 2nd Annual Early Childhood Social-Emotional Learning Conference, Phoenix, Arizona.

Academy Opportunities

  • Undergraduate RAs
    • We provide formalized research opportunities for undergraduate students. Previously, our undergraduate students have conducted cognitive interviews, assisted in the development of Hope Links cards, and identified large-scale datasets that have incorporated measures of hope.
  • Graduate student Involvement 
    • Supporting Graduate Student Milestones
      • Ashley Fraser, Dissertation: Longitudinal Associations of Hope, Civic Attitudes and Civic Engagement in Emerging Adulthood: Implications of Effortful Control (April 2021)
      • Ashley Fraser, Comprehensive Exams: Hope, Compassion, Political Self-Efficacy and Civic Engagement at the Transition to Adulthood (May 2020)
      • Brittany Alexander, Thesis: Measuring Adolescent Hope in the Educational Context (August 2019)
    • Capstone graduate students
      • We provide a learning experience that is tailored to meet the needs of graduate students and the Hope Center 
  •  Cross department collaboration
    • The Hope Center collaborated with Assistant Director of Film and Assistant Professor Dr. Jason Scott from the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at ASU to facilitate the Hope Center launch event. At the event, the Herberger Institute held a film screening, and Dr. Scott hosted a panel discussion with Hope Center faculty and Dr. Nancy Utley, the chairman of Fox Searchlight Pictures, on the role of hope and culture in film.