We strive to provide opportunities for those within the academy from undergraduate students to senior faculty members to participate in translational research and collaborate with community partners.

  • Undergraduate students: We work to connect interested undergraduate students with community partners as an internship opportunity. These students are able to earn credit through ASU for their work. In addition, we would like to teach courses to our undergraduate students that foster their own hope (particularly among first-year students) in attempts to translate research into action. Hope has the potential to benefit the entire ASU community in this way.
  • Graduate students: We seek to provide graduate students with opportunities to work directly with community partners, allowing them the experience of providing research and advisory services that align with the organization’s needs. Graduate students can earn credit for this experience and explore alternative career paths through this opportunity. Working with community partners can also spur original ideas, with graduate students pursuing new and applicable lines of research based on the experiences they had with a community partner. 
  • Faculty: We encourage faculty that are affiliated with The Hope Center to support our community partners in their missions and provide an opportunity for those community partners to utilize the knowledge of faculty researchers. We envision these partnerships as being supportive for both the community partner and faculty member. Some examples could include:
    • The faculty member providing knowledge and expertise for a specific community partner
    • The community partner implementing best practices, curriculum, etc. that the faculty researcher has designed
    • Working together to determine the best way to integrate research that aligns with both the community partner’s needs and the faculty’s area of expertise/research.