ASU and President Michael Crow identify eight design aspirations guiding the ongoing evolution of ASU as a New American University. Each aspiration is embodied in the Hope Center.

Leverage Our Place

The Hope Center is born out of a collaboration between ASU and Kids at Hope. Kids at Hope is a hope development non-profit that was incubated in research at ASU West. Over 20 years that initial research blossomed into a non-profit serving institutions locally, nationally, and globally but always centered in Arizona. The Hope Center furthers this history by continuing the dynamic relationship between research and practice to best serve communities.

Enable Student Success

The Hope Center offers students the opportunity to conduct a broad range of hope research across multiple disciplines and focusing on varied institutions. But, student success extends beyond the classroom and the research study to encompass opportunities to serve communities and engage in practice.

Transform Society

The Hope Center’s work on both research and practice serves as a catalyst for social change. The relationship is not the traditional prescriptive model, where a research comes to a community, but instead a collaborative model where researchers and communities inform and advance each other.

Fuse Intellectual Disciplines

The Hope Center is not limited by traditional academic disciplines. Hope is not limited by discipline or institution. The research and practice of hope are various and include education, substance abuse, trauma, juvenile justice, public health, resiliency, and more.

Value Entrepreneurship

The Hope Center is the only academic and practice based center in the world. A goal of the center is to encourage a broad range of research and innovative approaches to understand and improve communities.

Be Socially Embedded

The Hope Center as a collaboration between a leading research university and hope development non-profit, connects ASU with communities through mutually beneficial partnerships.

Conduct Use-Inspired Research

The foundation of the Hope Center is that research has purpose and impact. The goal of understanding hope is to improve the lives of individuals and communities. The Hope Center is a collaboration between research and practice and seeks to do meaningful work that advances both understanding and practice.