The Hope Center is a collaboration between ASU and Kids at Hope (a hope development non-profit with national and global reach, based in Arizona). The partnership positions the Hope Center to meet the objectives of ASU’s charter.

The Hope Center advances the understanding of hope as a strategy of inclusion rather than exclusion. In the most basic terms, hope cultivates goals, pathways, and agency. The Hope Center strives to understand the role hope plays in groups and individuals.

The alignment with a non-profit allows that understanding to go beyond a research study, publication, or classroom into the community Hope’s inclusivity affords diverse measures of success generated both internally and within a community.

The goal of the Hope Center is advancing research and discovery of public value. The Hope Center provides opportunities to apply research in communities and to allow practice to inform research. The collaboration of a community serving non-profit and leading research University strengthens both institutions.

By focusing on the application of research to practitioners the Hope Center addresses the fundamental responsibility for the economic, social, cultural and overall health of the communities it serves.