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A Quality Childhood Program...

The Child Development Laboratory (CDL) provides -quality early childhood education and childcare for young children from two years old through 5 years old. The CDL is a relatively small center, offering a warm and personal caregiving environment for approximately 52 children in two multi-age preschool classes and a young preschool classroom for two and young three year old children. The CDL's education philosophy is based on the National Association for the Education of the Young Children's (NAEYC) Position Statement on Developmentally Appropriate Practice. This means that we provide a wide range of age-appropriate activities that facilitate children's intellectual, social-emotional, and physical development. In addition, curriculum activities and adult-child interactions are tailored to meet the individual needs, interests, and abilities of each child.

A University at Our Doorstep...

Children at the CDL have access to the many rich and varied resources of a major university. Our program includes walking field trips to the museums, libraries, and centers on ASU's campus. We also have frequent "guest speakers" and special activities from such departments as music, art, education, nursing, intercollegiate athletics, and architecture.

A Place for Parents...

Providing for the needs of parents is an important part of our program. We welcome and encourage parent involvement. Observation facilities are open daily, and parents are always invited to visit or join their child for lunch. Parent conferences are offered twice a year. We also provide a variety of educational programs (recent topics include discipline, Kindergarten readiness, peer relationships, and the development of children's thinking) and social events for parents.

A Part of Arizona State University...

As part of ASU's Center for Child and Family Success within the Sanford School, the CDL plays an integral role in the university's threefold mission of teaching, research, and service. The CDL provides carefully supervised training opportunities for child development students pursuing careers serving children and families. CDL children and families have a unique opportunity to participate in various research studies conducted by faculty and graduate students (Participation is always voluntary). The CDL provides a model of high quality education and care for young children, and offers training opportunities and technical assistance for state and local early childhood professionals.

Young Preschool Program

The Young Preschool Classroom program begins enrolling children after their second birthday. Children are generally enrolled in the young preschool until they are about three and a half years old and are fully independent in toileting. Children who meet these criteria between enrollment periods, may remain in the young preschool until an opening occurs in the multi-age preschool classrooms. The classroom is led by a lead teacher who has a minimum of an undergraduate degree in child development, psychology, education or a related field of study. The Lead mentors three Intern Teachers who are part of the Early Childhood Leadership Trainee Program sponsored by the Child Development Laboratory Programs. The Intern Teachers are in charge in the absence of the Lead Teacher. The Lead and Intern teachers work in 2 teams of primary caregivers. Each young preschooler is assigned to one the teams. The primary caregivers are responsible for overseeing the child's care, recording keeping, communication and completing the parent conference. The program also utilizes college student staff as classroom assistants. Parents are responsible for bringing diapers and wipes for their child until they are fully independent in toileting. The maximum ratio in the room is 1:4. The program enrolls a maximum of 15 children.

Multiage Pre-School Program

The Child Development Lab offers an all-day preschool program for children three and a half through five years old. The center has two multiage classrooms each staffed with a Lead Teacher, Assistant Teacher and college student classroom aides. A typical day in the preschool program includes a variety of developmentally appropriate learning activities. Structuring the environment and planning activities for self-directed play and learning is a fundamental part of the CDL's educational program. Curriculum activities include pretend play, open-ended creative and sensory experiences (painting, sand and water play, modeling clay, collage activities, etc.), construction activities with blocks and manipulative toys, mathematics and language games, gardening, cooking activities, and science "experiments." The preschool curriculum is reflective of the Arizona State Standards for Early Childhood Programs while being presented in a developmentally appropriate manner. Each day includes teacher-led "group times" during which children gather for creative movement activities, musical experiences, and stories. Sack lunches from home and morning and afternoon snacks provided by the center are served. A nap and/or rest time follows lunch. Afternoon activities and group time follows nap/rest time. The outdoor environment is easily accessible and is available to the children throughout the day.

Statement of Services

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The Child Development Laboratory (CDL) provides a full day early care and education program for children twenty-two months through five years of age. The center is open from 7:00 AM – 5:30 PM Monday through Friday. Late fees will be charged for pick-up after 5:35 ($10 for every 5 minutes). Repeated late pick-up may result in termination of enrollment.

An annual calendar is given at the time of enrollment and at the beginning of each program year (August 1). The calendar is also available on the center website: . Typically, the center is closed for all major holidays, the first two weeks in August, two weeks at the December semester break, one week for Spring Break in March and for at least eight teacher planning days during the school year.

Tuition is assessed for the 10 month academic session and the 2 month summer session. The Multi- age Preschool tuition for the 2019- 2020 academic session is $9950.00, payable in 10 equal payments of $995.00. Tuition for the 2 month preschool summer session is $1,990 which is due in full by Friday, June 26, 2020. The Younger Preschool tuition for the 2019-2020 academic session is $10,050.00; payable in 10 equal payments of $1,005.00. Tuition for the 2 month summer session is $1900.00 which is due in full by Friday, June 26, 2020. A $650 holding fee is assessed to families that do not enroll for the summer session and plan to return for the next academic year. Budget allowing, the CDL offers a 5% discount when there is more than one child in the family enrolled. The discount is applied to the lowest tuition.

There are a limited number of part-week enrollments (M-W-F or T/TH) available as long as there is another family available to complete the 5 day enrollment slot. Costs are available at the center.

Tuition is due by the 15th of each month unless previous arrangement are made. A $20 late fee will be assessed for tuition paid after the 18th of each month. Families with unpaid balances at the end of the month may forfeit their enrollment slot. An annual non-refundable registration fee of $300.00 is due upon enrollment and each spring thereafter. Credit is not given for days missed due to vacation or illness. A thirty-day written notice is required for families ending enrollment prior to the end of the contract period. If a credit exists on the child's tuition account after the 30 day notice period expires, the university will issue the family a refund.

All families are provided unlimited access to their children when their child is in attendance. In cases where custody and/or access to a child is determined by another entity (custody orders, court dictated visitation etc) the CDL will follow specific instructions provided in the document and must keep a copy of all legal documents on file.

The Child Development Laboratory is licensed by the AZ Department of Health Services (DHS). DHS is located at 150 North 18th Ave, 4th Floor, Phoenix, AZ 85007. The telephone number is 602-364-2539. All records of inspections are available upon request.

The CDL does not provide transportation.

The CDL carries liability insurance as provided by ASU through the State of Arizona Insurance Program (State Statue #ARS 41-621). Questions can be directed to the CDL Manager, or to the ASU Office of Risk Management Insurance Division.

A CDL Parent Handbook is made available to all families upon enrollment. It is also on the center website Addendums are given to families as required. All families will be given a 15-day written notice prior to the effective date of any changes in service, policies and rates. The handbook describes child admission and release requirements, discipline guidelines and methods, dis-enrollment policies, field trip requirements and procedures, responsibilities and participation of parents in facility activities, a description of center activities and programs, medication and accident/emergency medical procedures, center food allergy policy and contains sample enrollment forms.

2019 - 2020 Tuition

Download Tuition Rates and Enrollment Policies (.PDF)

Multiage Preschool Tuition Academic Session - Aug 2019-May 2020:

  • 5 Full Days: $9,950.00 10 months/$995.00 monthly for 10 months, $300.00 Registration Fee
  • 3 Full Days: $6170.00 10 months/$617.00 monthly for 10 months, $180.00 Registration Fee
  • 2 Full Days: $4180.00 10 months/$418.00 monthly for 10 months, $120.00 Registration Fee

Multiage Preschool Tuition Summer Session - June and July 2020

(Summer Session tuition is due in one payment.)

  • 5 Full Days: $1,990.00
  • 3 Full Days: $1,234.00
  • 2 Full Days: $836.00

Young Preschool Tuition Academic Session - August 2019 - May 2020

  • 5 Full Days: $10,050.00 10 months/$1005.00 monthly for 10 months, $300.00 Registration Fee
  • 3 Full Days: $6,230.00 10 months/$623.00 monthly for 10 months, $180.00 Registration Fee
  • 2 Full Days: $4,220.00 10 months/$422.00 monthly for 10 months, $120.00 Registration Fee

Young Preschool Tuition Summer Session - June and July 2020

(Summer Session tuition is due in one payment.)

  • 5 Full Days: $2,010.00
  • 3 Full Days: $1,246.00
  • 2 Full Days: $844.00


All families are charged a registration fee based on the above schedule*. For the academic year, tuition will be divided into 10 monthly payments. Summer session is two months and must be paid in full by Friday, June 26, 2020. Credit is not issued for days missed due to vacation or illness. Families with a second child enrolled may receive a 5% discount on the lowest tuition rate budget permitting.

All parents sign a contract for care and are responsible for paying tuition according to their contract. A late fee of $20.00 is assessed on all tuition not paid in full by the 18th of the month. Repeated late payments, or balances left unpaid by the end of the month, may lead to dis-enrollment. A $25.00 charge will be assessed on checks returned for non-payment. Families must give a 30 day written notice if withdrawing before the end of their contract period and remain responsible for full payment during that period. After the 30 day notice, any remaining credit will be refunded by the university.

The center reserves the right to make changes in tuition with a 60 day notice. All families enrolled at the CDL are charged the same amount and are entitled to the same services and benefits of the program.

* There are a limited number of part-week slots and are only available when two families are available to share one slot.