Child Development Laboratory


The CDL enrolls children two years through five years of age.

Please email to request an application.

Waiting List

Upon receipt of your application, you will receive notification by email (or regular mail if you do not provide an email address) that the CDL has received your application and the status of your child's enrollment. In most instances, your child will be placed on a waiting list as the CDL runs at full capacity throughout the year. The center does not charge families to be on the waiting list. Once an enrollment slot is offered, the annual registration fee is due to hold the slot until enrollment begins. (see Tuition under Program Details).

The center typically enrolls in August of each school year. Enrollment decisions are made in the late Spring Semester. Families will be contacted we are able to offer a slot. Families are offered enrollment based on several factors aside from the date of application. The classrooms are typically balanced by gender and age. Returning families and families who are enrolling a sibling are considered first.

The Child Development Lab enrolls for two different enrollment periods: the Academic Session (August 1 through May 31) and the Summer Session (June and July). Families do not have to enroll for the summer; enrollment can be held over the summer as long as tuition is current and the registration fee has been paid for the following school year.

Families are welcome to contact the center to check on the status of their application. Due to the large number of families on the waiting list, the center cannot contact each family on a regular basis. However, periodically families on the waiting list may be contacted by the CDL to update the application; this is typically by email or mail. It is important that families reply to these inquiries. It is also important to notify the center of any changes in contact information that may occur while your child is on the waiting list. If we are unable to locate you to update the application, your child's name will be removed from the waiting list. If your child does not get in by the date you have requested, he/she will remain on our waiting list and move to the appropriate classroom (younger preschool, older preschool etc).