2018-2019 Finalists

2018-2019 Middle and Junior High School Winner
Fees College Preparatory Middle School

2018-2019 High School Winner
North Canyon High School

2018-2019 Middle and Junior High School Semi-Finalists
Highland Junior High School
Madison Meadows Middle School
Western Sky Middle School
Wigwam Creek Middle School

2018-2019 High School Semi-Finalists
Dobson High School
Paradise Valley High School
Phoenix Union - Wilson College Prep
Westwood High School

Middle and Junior High Schools

Fees College Preparatory Middle School
Kindness Club

Project Advisors: Eric Best and Jill Mukiibi
Team Members: Andrea Rodea, Leah Hood, Jazmyn Hoffman, Joscelyn Howard, Ella Clarke, Isabella Ginther, Lucero Valencia, Rayan Garawi, Brody Martinez, Kayden Yellowhorse, Kourtney Gable, Yennifer Sanchez, Roman Pool, Natalie Mendez, Michael German-Beyer, Roena Price, Richard Gernan-Beyer, Riley Mick, Julianna Valenquela, Marissa Valenquela, Jacob Valenzuela

The main focus on Fees College Preparatory Middle School's Kindness Club was to create an inviting space for all students to feel welcome and included. To do this, team members incorporated games during lunch hour to have kids sit at different tables and get to know other students. Another way the Kindness Club helped to promoted friendship, kindness, and a positive school culture is by contributing to a garden and beatifying the school.

Highland Junior High School

Project Advisors: Marisa Grayson and Joan Proft
Team Members: Jennifer Heckle, Andrew Abbot, Aubrey Arias, Vallentina Arredondo, Alyssa Bullock, Brinley Burkett, Madison Carder, Anna Copple, Maddie Dallas, Hadlee DeCampos, Gabe Emmons, Riley Ferguson, Sophia Feria, Maddie Fink, Carlos Gamez, McKenzie Gardner, Lucy Hansen, Alicia Hmeingson, Abigail Iannucci, Melanie Jamieson, Daniel Johnson, Addison Kelly, Cassidy Kuhns, Ashley Latella, Demi Marquez, Federica Miele, Grace Mollenhauer, Carol Moussa, Teagan Oliver, Erika Palmucci, Annalyse Parks, Emmily Potter, Leila Ragsdale, Rylee Sanders, Isaac Sepulveda, Eliza Thorpe, Katelyn Tran, Kori Triphahn, Rebecca Alderden, Leif Allen, Brooklyn Anderson, Bailee Arvidson, Jasmine Christianson, Bianca Daggett, Brooklyn Davis, Evelin Lopez-Hernandez, Abigail Iverson, Lyndsie Mills, Sophia Lu, Yaretzi Valerio Perez, Blake Tillotson, Damon Reeves, Michael Soza, Alex Uhlhorn

Highland Junior High School wanted to change the climate of their school by encouraging inclusiveness and belongingness among students through #ChooseKindness. Students and teachers came together to promote a positive school climate through handing out positive notes to students, sitting with students who are sitting alone, kindness week, and many more. Team members were able to promote a safe, happy, and caring environment for everyone on campus.

Madison Meadows Middle School
No More Judgeruptions!

Project Advisors: Victoria Coughlin and Becki Williams
Team Members: Morgan Pinkerton, Grace Jones, Colin Lifshitz, Eliana Vasquez, Jake Van Quathem, Abby Goodman, Carter Moore

The goal of Madison Meadows Middle School team members was to create a respectful and safe environment for both students and teachers. "No More Judgeruptions!" was a project that incorporated activities such as challenges to be respectful and polite to students and teachers, team-building activities during lunch, and a Blurt Board that allows students to write down their questions or thoughts relating to the content. These activities allowed students to show appreciation for one another while also learning about their fellow students.

Western Sky Middle School
Build and Beautify

Project Advisors: Josette Heuseveldt and Elizabeth Warne
Team Members: Emily Guenther, Lillian King, Scarlett Nunez, Chelsea Larkin, Mia Amundsen, Nayana Kneip, Kayda Pierce, Abbey O'Connell, Grant Burton, Armaan Kaiwan, Kendall Bailey, Giavanna Urias, Kennedy Massey, Kate Welding, Adrie Early, and Shan Dong

Team members of Western Sky Middle School's Build and Beautify project wanted to create a safe space for students and promote a positive climate campus-wide. Students achieved their goals by cleaning the boys' and girls' bathrooms, adding vinyl decals to the stalls and writing motivational messages on the mirrors. The messages allow students to take a minute to reflect on themselves and their lives while promoting a positive school environment.

Wigwam Creek Middle School
One School One Family

Project Advisors: Cyndee Head and Robiin Colangelo
Team Members: Kelley Freeman, Emily Olson, Jeremiah Colbert, Jaden Sanchez, and Alanna Alton

Wigwam Creek Middle School focused on helping and integrating new students into their school. Their project, "One School One Family", also encouraged students to make new friends and to break the barriers among segregated groups to allow for a positive inclusive environment. A Team Day was created to have students and teachers work together on activities to gain points for their team or class. Among several other activities and projects, Wigwam Creek were able to promote kindness, openness, and inclusiveness in their school.

High Schools

Dobson High School
Creating Unity by Celebrating Diversity

Project Advisors: Kathy Hays and Kim Klett
Team Members: Cris Peralta, Ashley Langland, Joanne Dacoycoy, Erica Soekardono, Julie Martin, Becky Salazar, Caleb Donaldson, Leslie Flores, Lauren Powers, Mairany Garcia Cruz, Daijon Christie, Mercedes Starr

A main goal Dobson High School's project, Creating Unity by Celebrating Diversity, was to address the racial barriers in their school. With Dobson's extensive diversity, this racial divide causes students to segregate into groups rather than embracing diversity through inclusion. To do this, team members created awareness about the rich cultures in their school and endorsed the acceptance of others by dedicating Sit and Speak Wednesdays and a Unity Week incorporating all clubs and students.

North Canyon High School
A Day of Understanding

Project Advisors: Matt Case
Team Members: Jessenia Armendariz; Raymond Chaparro; Kenyan Cole-Suggs; McKenzie Farinacci; Michelle Faudoa; Elliot Fennell; Nadia Fontes; Annastacia Frechette; Fatima Hamed; Autumn Jackson; Natalie Jungen; Katrina Kruczynski; Maggie Votruba

The goal of North Canyon High School's project was to address racial and homophobic issues in the school. They wanted to increase empathy and diversity among students through a series of day-long leadership and diversity workshops (A Day of Understanding). This day encouraged students to understand others and gave them to tools to confront hatred and bullying on campus.

Paradise Valley High School
Operation Prosperity

Project Advisors: Cody Gordon
Team Members: Isabella Wylie, Ayesha Babbrah, Alexandria Ellershaw, Zoe Lesher

Paradise Valley High School's Operation Prosperity aimed at abolishing the stigma surrounding mental health through flyers, PSA videos, and reminders in daily announcements. To achieve their goals, team members increased mental health awareness by informing students about the school psychologist and social worker on campus. Paradise Valley also brought in teen mental health specialists to speak with students and give students resources to handle any stress, anxiety, and depression. These goals will help in reducing the stigma around mental health and allow students to openly discuss their mental health.

Phoenix Union - Wilson College Prep
The R.E.S.P.E.C.T Project

Project Advisors: Amy Huss and Keoni Dang
Team Members: Ariana Caballero, Yulissia Facundo, Marisol Acosta, Emily Beltran, Taylor Watts
[Responsibility, Empowered, Supportive, Polite, Empathetic, Communicative, Trustworthy (these are the established values at Wilson College Prep)]

The R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Project (Responsibility, Empowered, Supportive, Polite, Empathetic, Communicative, Trustworthy) empowers and celebrates others differences. The team members of Wilson College Prep wanted to promote respect among not only the students but also among the staff and teachers. Team members implemented a project called "Where is the Love" in which students filled out a paper heart with a personalized message. These hearts where delivered to the recipient in person and subsequently posted in the community room to spread positively on campus.

Westwood High School
Move Up Together!

Project Advisors: Cheri Guy
Team Members: Christian Leon, Annika Reimers, Bailee Shupe, Abby Richardson, Erin McGuire, Molly Porter, Bronwyn Hall, Jaiden Wilkins, Daishawn Ben, Olicia Prince, Andrea Blanco, Emily Villatoro, Sofia Fernandez, Taylor Reedy, Kate McBride, Ana Torres, Maitri Bahkta, Jayce Smith, Emma Dale, Anissa Gurrola, Liz Pope, Evelyn Sanchez, Maggie Penn, Lizbeth Cervantes, Adrianna Espinoza, Jamie Guzman, Marlene Cervantes

A main goal for Westwood High School's "Move up Together!" project was to integrate all students and give students a voice to be heard. They created a Pen Pal system where underclassmen and upperclassmen students are paired together and given a chance to communicate their feelings or any issues they want to express. In addition, Westwood incorporated Warrior Town Halls as a monthly meeting to come together as a school to increase student awareness and participation.