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The AzPREP Office supports educational partnerships between school community stakeholders and researchers who seek answers to practical questions through scientifically rigorous research. The AzPREP Office provides districts and schools, as well as their constituencies, an avenue for refining and answering their questions by drawing on the expertise of researchers highly knowledgeable in the respective area of interest. As such, we either link inquires to existing research projects and services or co-develop scientifically rigorous research projects directly with our community partners. We further assist these educational partnerships with the development of proposals for external funding. The AzPREP Office is co-directed by a member of the ASU research community and a member of the school community to ensure a clear focus on high priority topics for schools in Arizona.

The AzPREP Office seeks to become the primary avenue for Arizona’s school community to answer questions that are of immediate relevance to their constituencies through scientifically rigorous research. We envision supporting multiple, externally funded research projects that address a range of stakeholder-driven questions through exploratory inquires, program evaluations, and intervention efficacy studies. Our ultimate goal is to create educational partnerships that yield policies, programs, and practices that improve student outcomes here in Arizona and the nation at large.