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Why Co-Ed?

Coeducational schooling offers students:

  • an environment that embraces diversity and equality
  • experience with a broad range of personalities, activities, and lessons
  • positive peer role models who are male and female
  • opportunities to practice leadership in mixed sex settings
  • respectful, supportive friendships with children of both genders
  • preparation for co-ed life in families and workplaces

Coeducational schooling offers teachers:

  • a work environment that embodies the principles of diversity, integration, and equality
  • opportunities to mentor both boys and girls
  • the chance to hone skills needed to teach diverse students
  • opportunities for promoting cross-gender cooperation and friendship
  • the ability to engage students in a wide range of interests and discussions
  • a chance to combat gender stereotyping among both male and female students

Single-sex schooling is harmful because:

  • it promotes gender stereotyping
  • it is unwelcoming to students who don’t conform to traditional roles
  • it diverts funding and personnel from proven educational methods
  • it says exclusion is acceptable and diversity not valued
  • “Separate but equal” classrooms are never truly equal
  • it fails to train students for shared leadership in adult workplaces, families and communities