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Should educators and parents encourage other-gender interactions? Gender segregation and sexism
Keener, Mehta, & Strough
Gender and Education
October 25, 2013

Sex-trapolation in the Latest Brain Science
By Lise Eliot, Ph.D.
Huffington Post
December 30, 2013

Are Single-Sex Schools Really Beneficial?
By Rick Nauert, Ph.D.
December 12, 2013

Don't Segregate Boys and Girls in Classrooms
By Michael Kimmel
CNN Opinion
August 9, 2013

The Trouble With Boys-Only Schooling
New Republic Article
March 12, 2013

Single-Sex Schools: Vive la Différence or Oppression?
By Lise Eliot, Ph.D.
Letters, Wall Street Journal
October 25, 2012

Judge Stops West Virginia Single-sex Classes: Were They a Success or a Pseudoscience?
By Stacy Teicher Khadaroo
The Christian Science Monitor
August 31, 2012

Scholars Say Pupils Gain Social Skills in Coed Classes
By Sarah D. Sparks
Education Week
May 7, 2012

Boys-only Classroom Concept to End at Camden-Rockport School
By Heather Steeves
Bangor Daily News
May 2, 2012

Why Science Doesn't Support Single-sex Classes
By Rosalind C. Barnett and Caryl Rivers
Education Week
February 17, 2012

No Girls Allowed at "Red Tails" Movie Outing
By Jane Geelan-Sayres
February 10, 2012

Sex-segregated Public Schools: Illegal and Unwise
By Vivian Berger
The National Law Journal
January 16, 2012

Study Debunks Conventional Wisdom about Math and Gender
By Janice Wood
December 14, 2011

MO School District to Halt Single-sex Classes
Ms. Magazine
November 23, 2011

Alabama County to Drop Single-sex Classes
The Associated Press
November 23, 2011

Pittsburgh Schools Chief Scraps Single-sex School
The Associated Press
November 8, 2011

The Feminist Case against Single-sex Schools
By Rebecca Bigler and Lise Eliot
October 31, 2011

Alabama Voices: Same Gender Education a Gimmick
By Ronald E. Jackson
Opinion, Montgomery Advertiser
October 27, 2011

Data Show Single-sex Schooling Ineffective
By Diane Halpern
Letters, USA Today
October 24, 2011

Single-sex Education Breed Sexism?
By Ida Hartmann
October 19, 2011

What Our Research Shows
Debate Topic: Single-sex schools: Separate but equal?
By Richard Fabes
The Opinion Pages, The New York Times
October 17, 2011

Louisiana School Board to Halt Single-sex Classes after ACLU Intervention
American Civil Liberties Union
October 13, 2011

Should We Sound the Bell on Single-sex Schools?
By Clint Witchall
The Independent
October 6, 2011

Co-education is Good Science
By Caryl Rivers
Huffington Post
October 4, 2011

Mixed-sex Schools are Best, says Head
By Fran Bardsley
Oxford Mail
September 30, 2011

The Single-sex School Myth: No scientific basis for teaching boys and girls separately, report says*
By Gareth Cook
The Boston Globe
September 24, 2011
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New Report Calls Single-sex Education ‘Misguided’
By Holly Lebowitz Rossi
September 23, 2011

Children at Single-sex Schools ‘More Likely to be Sexist’
By Nick Collins
The Telegraph
September 22, 2011

Single-sex Education is Assailed in Report
By Tamar Lewin
The New York Times
September 22, 2011

Study: Single-sex Education May Do More Harm than Good
By Michael Alison Chandler
The Washington Post
September 22, 2011

Single-sex Schools Have Negative Impact on Kids, says Study
By Mikaela Conley
ABC News
September 22, 2011

Researchers Blast ‘Pseudoscience’ of Single-sex Education
By Sarah D. Sparks
Education Week
September 22, 2011

Prep Academy Needs to Show Proof of Effectiveness of Single-gender Education to Get Grant
By Matthew DeFour
Wisconsin State Journal
September 22, 2011

Girls’ and Boys’ Brains: How Different Are They? The Truth about Girls’ and Boys’ Brains (and Why It Matters)
By Connie Matthiessen
September 19, 2011

Education: Old Idea Repackaged as ‘Innovation’
By Jennifer Utrata
Letter to the Editor, The News Tribune
September 7, 2011

Researchers: Coed Schools Provide Societal Benefits over Single-sex Classes
May 4, 2011

The Single-sex Trick
By Lise Eliot and Diane F. Halpern
December 15, 2010

Learning Sex Difference
By Emily Baselton
November 16, 2010

When Teachers Highlight Gender, Kids Pick Up Stereotypes
November 16, 2010

Single Sex or Coed? The Gender Agenda
By Denise Ryan
The Age
August 27, 2010

Boys Educated at Single-sex Schools ‘More Likely to Divorce by Early 40s’
The Telegraph
December 2, 2009

Gender Segregation in Schools isn’t the Answer
By Lise Eliot and Susan McGee Bailey
USA Today
August 20, 2008

Teaching Boys and Girls Separately
By Elizabeth Weil
The New York Times
March 2, 2008

Gender Myths and the Education of Boys
By Rosalind C. Barnett and Caryl Rivers
National Association of Independent Schools
Winter 2007

Girls Gain from Being Schooled with Boys
The New Zealand Herald
April 9, 2001

The Trouble with Single-sex Schools
By Wendy Kaminer
The Atlantic Magazine
April 1998

Contributions to Web Logs

New Curriculum Focuses on Positive Boy-Girl Relationships
By Robyn Gee with Richard Fabes
Huffington Post: Education
May 24, 2012

Single-sex Education Will Not "Save" Minority Boys
By Allie Bohm
American Civil Liberties Union Blog of Rights
February 8, 2012

Single-sex Schools and Gender Stereotypes
By Kristin Maschka
Huffington Post: Women
October 10, 2011

Pseudoscience in Sax on Sex
By Lise Eliot
Psychology Today
September 27, 2011

To the Contrary: A Reply to Sax on the Dangers of Single-sex Schooling
By Richard A. Fabes, Carol L. Martin, Laura D. Hanish, Rebecca S. Bigler, Lise Eliot, Diane F. Halpern, Janet Hyde, Lynn S. Liben
Psychology Today
September 27, 2011

Changing My Mind about Single-sex Education, or Not
By Rebecca Allsopp
Gender Across Borders
March 28, 2011

Highlighting Gender Promotes Stereotyped Views in Preschoolers
By Matthew Swayne and Andrea Messer
November 15, 2010

Keeping Gender Stereotypes Out of Classrooms
By Galen Sherwin
American Civil Liberties Union Blog of Rights
October 6, 2010

The Problem with Gender-Based Education
By Sara Mead
The Early Ed Watch Blog
March 3, 2008

Audio/Visual Media

Topic: Single-sex Education
Guests: Janet Shibley Hyde, Rosemary Salomone
China Radio International
September 5, 2012

Talk of the Nation
Topic: Are Single-sex Classrooms Better for Kids?
Guests: Nathan Blackmer, Renee Finke, Sarah Sparks
October 25, 2011

Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane
Topic: The debate over single-sex schooling

Guests: Janet Shibley Hyde, Leonard Sax
Philadelphia Public Radio
October 13, 2011

Investigative Reporting with Doug Shupe
Topic: Single-sex Education: Professor disagrees with separating boys and girls

Guest: Rebecca Bigler
October 9, 2011

Political Connections
Topic: Single sex schools
Guests: Lise Eliot, Leonard Sax
News 14 North Carolina
September 30, 2011

The Take-Away
Topic: New report questions value of single-sex schooling

Guest: Lise Eliot
WNYC Radio and Public Radio International, in collaboration with The BBC World Service, New York Times Radio, and WGBH Boston
September 27, 2011

The Joy Cardin Show
Topic: Same-gender classrooms in Wisconsin

Guest: Janet Shibley Hyde
Wisconsin Public Radio
September 27, 2011

Science Podcast
Topic: Outcomes of single-sex education
Guest: Diane Halpern
The Science Podcast
September 23, 2011

Midmorning Show
Topic: Examining the case for single-gender education
Guests: Janet Shibley Hyde, Leonard Sax
Minnesota Public Radio
March 31, 2011